Language Arts Resources

Brainyflix <-- Vocab site that allows teachers and students to create flash cards or videos for Vocab words
Shmoop <-- AWESOME source of Lit notes, in-depth background of authors, and just plain L.A. spiffiness
Read-Write-Think <-- K-12 Resource created by the National Council for Teachers of English
Writing Prompts <-- Writing prompts from Reader's Digest
Citation Machine <-- Online citation generator
Classrooms for the Future English wikipage <--Links to resources and collaborative opportunities with teachers from throughout Pennsylvania.
Vocabulary University <-- Classroom activities dealing with improving vocabulary skills
Wordle <--Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.
Grammar Bytes -- Tons of fun with grammar! Okay, that's impossible, but it approaches something close to "fun."
Grammar Girl -- Grammar tips and practice; less painful than root canal.
1000000 Monkeys - Collaborative Writing "where only the strongest stories survive..."