Stuff to make your life better

Pandora Internet Radio

Type in a song or band and let it work! Find new music suggestions based on music you already like, save them to your profile, and create "radio stations" of your favorite content. Free registration. Super cool!


Create ringtones for your phone for free (or cheap if you're impatient). Set up an account listing your cell provider, phone model, and number. Upload songs or sound clips, specify how long you want tone to be and they send it to your phone. Free if you don't mind waiting, express service for a small fee.

Web 2.0 Apps

All kinds of spiffy stuff to make home or work more fun or productive (or both). Billed as "The Complete Web 2.0 Directory" It is an amazing list of applications and you can search by site name, tag, or date added. Warning - you can get lost here...
Web 2.0