Science Resources

most of these resources courtesy of Carolyn Hanych, Brandywine Heights CFF Coach

All science areas
Learning Science <-- Great site with interactive activities for K-12
Exploratorium <-- Excellent site with many videos and interactive activities
Science Simulations <--Simulations and resources in all science areas
3d Molecules <--animated molecules -- great to add into PowerPoint presentations or place on webpages
CFF Science Wiki <--Resources and collaboration opportunities with science teachers throughout Pennsylvania

Physics simulations <--Interactive physics simulations + lesson plans
Create a roller coaster <-- Interactive simulations (design a roller coaster)
Teachers First <-- Flash animations for Physics

Online Dissection <--Online interactive dissections
Cell Biology Animations <--Cell animations
Agriculture in the Classroom <--Teacher resources
Biointeractive <-- Virtual lab experiments
The Biology Project <-- Created by the Arizona University Department of biochemistry and molecular biophysics
Cat Dissection <-- Created by Penn State University

Earth & Space
Earth Portal <-- Interesting site focuses on environmental issues
Welcome to the Universe <--Great photo archives from space
Volcano World <--Good source of volcano information
US Government Weather Bureau <-- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service
Weatherbonk <-- Weather for anywhere in the world using Google maps and live weather stations
Accuweather <-- America's largest privately owned weather agency
Celestia <-- Space simulation download
Worldwide Telescope <--New program created by Microsoft -- Uses Hubble telescope imagery to create slideshows of the cosmos
Google Earth <--Popular software uses satellite imagery and overlays to provide information on a global and local level.
Virtual Earth <-- Similar software to Google Earth with some improvements