=Below is a list of digital resources for use in the social studies classroom.=

Current Events
  • The Newsmap-- Interactive map showing current events by popularity. News events are broken down by category.
  • ICUE-- Site created by NBC News focusing on a current topic. Many archived NBC news videos are accessible for use in the classroom.
  • Week in Rap -- Just what it says. Biggest headlines of the week rapped and released every Friday at noon.

  • Open Secrets -- This site tracks campaign contributions to each candidated.
  • 270 to Win -- This site tracks the electoral college and possible election scenarios
  • Rock the Web -- Home of the National Youth Presidential Forum
  • Truth-O-Meter -- Fact checking site for candidate statements and campaign advertisements
  • Expert voter -- Video clips featuring statements from the candidates on major issues
  • Election Central-- Hub created by Cyberlearning offers a large collection of links.
  • CSPAN -- CSPAN in the Classroom -- More interesting than the actual television channel!
  • CNN -- CNN's Election Center
  • Fact Check -- Independent research of political claims; great source to keep tabs on politicians.

Geography/World Cultures
  • Travel Challenge TravelPod Travel Challenge. 14 different challenges to play. Assess your geography IQ
  • 360 Cities -- View cities around the world in panoramic 360 views
  • Google Earth -- Google Earth gives you a bird's eye view of the world; great tool for interactive presentations and projects
  • Media Storm -- Great collection of short documentaries on topics from around the globe. High interest and very artistic.
  • Collapse -- Interactive study of the reasons great civilizations collapse.
  • Jorneyman TV -- Collection of independent documentaries; like a video encyclopedia.
The True Battle of Chernobyl

American History
  • Budget Hero -- Balance the budget and become a Budget Hero!
  • Ask Dr. Econ -- Ask any Economics question you want. Run by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
  • Inflation Calculator -- Calculate the worthlessness of your currency and assets...
  • FRED - Federal Reserve Education; lots of educational links from your exciting friends at the Federal Reserve Board.
  • The Mint -- Lots of games for kids and ideas for teachers.
  • CPI Christmas -- calculate the cost of the 12 Days of Christmas.